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Flexible air travel

Out and back on the same day in your private jet, a continental road trip with more destinations in a day, picking up more passengers on the way, or even last minute change of destination. All just a short summary of the benefits you get from flexible flight solutions when booking with North Flying.

The demands of today’s travellers are many, and we think that we cater to most of these with our private jets.

When it comes to the destination air taxi is the smartest choice. The time saved often exceeds many hours when compared to the larger commercial airline companies. Flexability is key, and this we can provide.

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Fine Dining

North Flying prides itself on supplying the best - also when it comes to catering.

We offer exclusive dishes and use only the best suppliers to ensure a consummate experience in connection with our air taxi service. We have composed menus and dishes that our experience has shown suit most purposes and tastes. It is also an option to compose a menu in advance in accordance with your particular wishes and requirements.

A well assorted selection of exquisite wines, spirits and soft drinks is also available on all flights.

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A Business Flight

See the movie

A small taste of some of the experiences when flying with North Flying on one of our private jets.

“To travel is to live” according to H. C. Andersen! Every flight is different, as every day is different, and therefore the experience of travelling with us is always new and exciting.

The World Is Our Market

North Flying offers unlimited access to the world!

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North Flying air taxis

Instead of flying with conventional airlines try our flexible and efficient air taxis. No extra charges for baggage or skiing equipment, no lines at the airports and no need for connecting flights.
In an air taxi you decide the route and the time schedule.

Based on our own air taxis we fly groups of up to 19 people anywhere, anytime

Business Executive: “Why fly business jet – it’s only for corporate fat-cats!”

If you can get there as quickly and efficiently on a scheduled airline, we agree, it does not make much sense to fly business jet!

But if your jouney takes a full day or more, involves several security checks and waiting for connecting flights, hotel overnights and in general a monumental waste of time where you cannot work because you are constantly surrounded by people it is different, and you may want to suggest that your shareholders money is better spend in getting you, and perhaps more colleagues in and out in less than a day.

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With a business jet you get an opportunity to work on the way and for getting back in to the office before the end of the day.

You choose the business jet when it is objectively the most time and cost-efficient way to conduct your business.

Corporate Travel

Reasons to call North Flying

Out and back in your private jet, a trip with multiple destinations in a single day, pickup of more passengers on the way, last minute change of destination. All just a short summary of the benefits you get from a flexible flight solution with North Flying.

The demands of today’s travelers are many and we believe that we cater to most of these with a private jet.

When more people are travelling together in a private jet, the price per seat becomes the same, or better than a scheduled airfare, but the time efficiency of the private jet is significantly better.

Specialist: Whether you are an engineer on a critical mission to fix machinery at an oil platform, a flight crew sent to help with reestablishing a specific flight route or a surgical transplant team sent to harvest organs for transplantation, you all share the same objective: time is crititcal, get to your destination safely and as quickly as possible.

Time is money, and most importantly time can mean the difference between a new life for someone in need.

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